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Come Play With Me Records release some of the best of Yorkshire’s artists through our 7” singles series, compilation albums and special one-off releases.

To ensure we have a breadth of diverse artists we have regular call outs to ensure a wide selection of genre and style is accounted for. These call outs are judged by music industry experts, with new guest judges every time to keep things fresh.

Our aim is to support & develop diverse artists and demographics, showcasing the best in new Yorkshire talent. CPWM has released music from more than 80 artists including Cinerama (The Wedding Present), Harkin, Team Picture, Sunflower Thieves, Marsicans, Fizzy Blood, Pop Vulture, Mollie Coddled, Fuzz Lightyear & more

We support artists with development workshops, industry insights & advice to help them achieve sustainable careers after their CPWM release.

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