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Death Pill

5 Questions

1. WHO are you? 

We are the Death Pill from Kyiv, Ukraine 

2. WHAT do you do? We play loud and with anger, we scream about pain, injustice and horrors of this world. We scratch the faces of those who lie, offended and abuse. We are the voices of thousands who feel the same as we are. 

3. WHY do you do what you do? Because this is the only way we can be heard. 

4. HAPPENING. Tell us what is happening in your world right now? 

In our world came war. We are separated from each other, from our families, friends and our lives. Our close friends with weapons protecting us. We are thankful to Ukrainian military forces for keeping us safe. 

5. HOT TOPIC. Tell us what you think is the hot topic in music right now and what it means to you? 

For us the most hot topic now is the music which can help us to win this war. It is each band and song, which supports Ukraine, collecting funds or spreading the truth about Russian aggression. We are always taught that music can change lives, this is why we are here and we see how it works. 

6. Sign-off (Any release, contact, tour, etc. Details you wish to share) 

We are happy to share that we were signed to a New Heavy Sounds label! And very very soon our first self-titled album will be released! It is a very important step for us, we've been going through a lot to get here. 

"Death Pill" is set for release on the 24th of February 2023.

Words by Death Pill
Photography by Tementiy Pronov / Slippy Inc
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