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Teri Gender Bender

Art Wall

Hello I am Teri Gender Bender. I am an artist. I tend to work on all kinds of art but my main speciality is songwriting and thankfully due to the crafting of songs I have been able to perform and tour them all over the world with the help of my friends/bandmates. 

Every day I get up at 4 am, go to the bathroom, yogi it up for a bit, then go for a walk, after I am cleared up, (around 5:30am) I then proceed to my portable art studio, I turn on the news and free flow on my journal as I listen to the current world events. When I am finished I look for a word that pops up multiple times on the page and then look up songs from the 70s about a certain word. In a sense the current news helps me find out about rare 70s artists from all over. My objective is to do this once a day for the whole year. It is quite scary looking at all the empty pages because that is, in a sense the future waiting to happen. 

I like to cut and paste different images of birds every day. So it will also be a different type of bird a day. I love birds a lot. Which is why I chose the subject, to begin with. 

Images that connected me to the artists/songs:

Jan 11: The Dramatics "In the rain"

Jan 12: Vanilla Fudge "Faceless people"

Jan 13: Sui Generis "Canción para mi muerte"

Jan 14: Lucho Gatica "Yo vendo unos ojos negros"

Jan 15: Mari Trini "Mañana"

Jan 16: Banda Nueva "Al que madruga le da sueño"

I am very happy to be a part of this, come play with me. Thank you. As for plans for this year, is to go on tour, be present and release some more music, as for now, I hope people can listen to the 12 EPs that I put out last year via clouds hill!

Words & images provided by Teri Gender Bender
Teri Gender Bender
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