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Fuzz Lightyear

Digging Deeper

Fuzz Lightyear Tour Dreams… 

We're Fuzz Lightyear, a loud band from Leeds. We've been going for a few years pretty much since we all met. Josh (drums) and Ben (vocals + guitar) met first, then Varun (bass) and then Alex (synth + guitar). We've played across the country, usually being the fastest and loudest band on the bill. Played with loads of bands we love over the years but here are a few bands we'd each love to share a stage with in the future: 

Varun: Gilla Band 

There are few bands around at the moment who can make a traditional rock band set-up sound so jarring and otherworldly. I've annoyingly never gotten to see them in person but to be a part of their infamous live shows would be eye-opening for sure. They're a band whose creativity I really admire so to gig with them would be incredible. Huge fan of their newest album which is somehow their most jarring and their poppiest at the same time. 

Ben: Show Me The Body 

In mid-Spring 2018 Varun showed me ‘Camp Orchestra’ - destroying my perception of what the terms ‘punk’, and ‘abrasive’ were. The melding of traditional New York Hardcore with modern noise and electronica is a perfect marriage, and since then there’s always been a little part of me trying to rip off Dog Whistle in anything I write. I had a chance to see them last June at Headrow House and I’d never seen a more cathartic yet loving performance in my life. A masterclass in resolution. 

Josh: Slipknot  

Although this may seem like an odd choice for most people, 14 year old me would have loved to share the stage with Slipknot during their Iowa album period, as this is what got me into the heavier kind of music with an aggressive, violent energy the band portrayed. One day, Fuzz Lightyear is going to become a Nu-Metal band just like Slipknot when we convince Alex to buy some DJ decks for the band. 

Alex: Gnod 

I caught Gnod at Headrow shortly after moving to Leeds, not too long before joining Fuzz. That gig served as a sort of awakening to the heavier side of live music for me and I’ve been fairly enamoured of them ever since. They sound like the ghost of Northern industry coming to haunt the new world, mechanical and full of rage. To be on the same bill would feel like a link back to that eye-opening gig, and with them being somewhat local it doesn’t feel like too distant a possibility 

Fuzz Lightyear’s latest single 'Dense Worship’ is out now on CPWM. It features on a 7" vinyl as the final instalment of CPWM's historic singles club alongside Josephine Sillars. Available for purchase now on Bandcamp.

Words by Fuzz Lightyear

Photography by Sam Joyce

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