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King Violet

Five Questions


We’re King Violet! We’re a 4-piece alt-rock band - we’re from St Albans but two of us live in Manchester now. 


We make and play music. A lot of our songs are inspired by our experiences transitioning from adolescence into adulthood. We like to think of our recent releases as a sort of coming of age, telling tales of times we’ve shared since we started King Violet when we were all seventeen. 


It’s cathartic! We’re very close friends and it feels like a natural way to share something with each other and hopefully extend that to our audience. I like to think of our gigs as being like a tell-all night in with your pals. We also all love music and writing and the feeling we get when we’re playing together is addictive for sure. 


We’re about have just released our debut EP! This is a huge deal for us and something we’ve spent months if not years planning. Track 3 Tya was written the night before our very first gig in 2017 and the others have been spread out since then. These songs are super personal to us and we feel they have an important message that we hope may comfort other people who find themselves in similar situations. 


Something that’s very important to us protecting people of all ethnicities, genders and sexualities in music. Being a band of four women, we often find ourselves being talked down to, harassed and ogled at. This is something we touch on on the EP, particularly in the title track ‘Do Me A Favour’. We can’t exaggerate how much we value organisations such as CPWM for creating a safe space for bands like us and for the lovely people in the scene who uplift us and inspire us to be resilient despite all of it. Things are absolutely changing for the better but sometimes it still feels like there’s a long way to go. 

Our EP ‘Do Me A Favour’ is available to listen to everywhere now. Keep your eyes peeled for our first ever tour which is in the works and will be announced very soon!

Words by King Violet

Photography by Anna Lavado + Mia Anderson

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