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Meryl Streek

Neighbourhood Watch



Hey, My name is Meryl Streek and I'm born and raised in Dublin Ireland. I lived abroad for nearly 8 years in Vancouver Canada until recently so I’m back in Ireland now learning more and more about my city once again. A lot has changed since I left. I moved back to Ireland so I could make music and songs about cold cases and unjustified murders here in Ireland that people don't like to talk about too much (And I wonder why I have no friends). My idea was with this project to listen to people's stories that our government has been ignoring and give them a voice through my music. Most of these cases are about the catholic church and state here in Ireland. 


Some of my favourite venues include The Workmans Club which is home to Fontaines DC and a large chunk of other bands from Ireland. I remember being in Workman's one night with my friend Trev and he had to remind me that I was sitting right next to Interpol who just casually popped in after their Dublin performance that same night. Needless to say, I was absolutely bombed and didn't remember much of this but my point is you never know who you'll meet when you're at The Workmans. Another great spot to catch a gig is The Thomas House Bar. An old rockabilly punk bar ran by some old-school punks. Always great music playing and they even do requests if they like what you're asking for! Tell Kev Meryl Streek sent ya! 


The city's got some great promoters but we lost one of our better ones two years ago now. His name was Luke Gleeson he paid all his bands and flew the flag for music every day of his life. He was a true legend that we lost too soon, unfortunately. He ran a great night called Retro Revival Indie Club. My old bands had some of our best gigs for his night. Luke even made it on my album cover I had huge respect for him. My friend Andy Marke is keeping Luke’s legacy going now in Dublin with a night called Fuzzed Up Indie Club. He's had some of the best acts in Ireland come through and play for him so I’d recommend catching a gig if you're ever passing through. 


As for record stores I'd recommend one and it's called Spindizzy Records in a beautiful old shopping mall/Arcade called George’s street arcade. It's the perfect place to find vinyl Nuggets while in the perfect setting. Another decent shop is Rage Records on Fade Street. That's also a great spot for any old game console freaks. They sell all the old Nintendo’s and Sega mega drives. We could do with some more record stores but we've also a great number of record fairs that pop up from time to time. I don't even know why I’m talking about this I stopped buying records years ago when I realized I couldn't afford them anymore! 


This is where I picture Mr Burns in The Simpsons trying to hang out with younger cool teens. The only scene I get to see anymore is the cashier at the local shop when I’m buying a pack of smokes and my family down in my Granny’s on Sundays for dinner. My Granny is actually in my new video for Suicide so I guess she is pretty damn cool! 


I lived above an amazing Dublin landmark called Edges Hardware Store in an area called Fairview. I lived above the hardware shop for like 6-7 years and had some of the best parties and experiences of my life there. The rumour that was always going around was that The Edge from U2 took his name from the shop. About 4 years ago backstage at a U2 concert, I got to hang out and chat with none other than the bald eagle The Edge himself and without admitting it to me he basically smiled and admitted it was true. A little interesting U2 fact for anyone who likes them. I think they’re shite. 


My old bandmate Dan Doherty has gotten a name for himself in recent times by being one of the first lads to work and record with Fontaines DC. His studio is called Darklands Audio is where I’ll be recording and working out of for as much of this project as I can. Dan is a very good producer and the best thing about him is his ability to work with anyone and have a genuine interest in what his artists are recording. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and even ends up drumming on most of the music he's recording free of charge. You wouldn't get that in every studio. He's also worked with other acts such as Damien Dempsey, Versatile and Vulpynes. The building his space is in is an amazing building called The Chocolate Factory that was, in fact back in the 1950s an old-school chocolate factory that is now home to some of Ireland's best artists and businesses. Definitely worth checking out! 


I'm so picky with the music I listen to and like. But some of Ireland's music right now is truly phenomenal. My favourite Irish band right now is called Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra. There's something about their singer Sarah Deegan that just tells me they're gonna be huge very soon. Very Dark music but also not at the same time. Fans of Kirsty MacColl will like them a lot! I also love a band called Slyrydes from Galway who are one of those bands who kill each other 5 times a week and can be heard screaming from miles away. But for such a messy band they have one of the best records still unreleased I've heard come out of Ireland ever. It'll come out soon and it’s gonna have a huge impact. Some other bands to mention would be Vulpynes, Sun Mahshene, Sprints, Jealous Fish, Twin Raven, Scally & last but not least Burnt Out. Burnt Out was a project that majorly influenced Meryl Streek.  

On November 4th I released my debut album 796 into the world through gallows record Venn Records. It's a really powerful body of work and the songs are written about cases that matter. I consider it to be one of the most honest straight-up albums of 2022. This January ill be making a venture over to the UK for a small run of shows. I'm set to play The Grace in London on the 20th and another few shows around that can be found on my Instagram page! Once I have it all booked ill be posting about so give me a follow and keep up to date!

Words by Meryl Streek

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