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Sister Wives

Neighbourhood Watch



We are Sister Wives, we come from Sheffield’s DIY scene and have just released our debut album, Y Gawres. Although none of us are originally from Sheffield, we were all drawn to the city because of its supportive music scenes and creative communities. It’s a leafy, friendly place with lots to explore & we love it. 


Big Break - Pals from Delicious Clam who play synth flecked hardcore punk.  

Mock Tudors - Very fun. Members of Mr Ben and the Bens.  

R. Loomes - Gloom guitar folk tales with unreal, haunting vocals (also a sometime Sister Wife). 

Slug Milk - Medieval dark folk drone music with skulls, theatrical entrances & cool old instruments.  

Champayne - New wave of sexy British hardcore. 

Buzz Lightyear - riffs & biffs from local stoner rock legends  

Dearthworms - weird and heavy.  

Naguals - Post-Punk with a generous dose of heavy-psych.  

Feudalism Now! - Communal music making.  

Potpourri - kitsch synth driven pop.  

Bobby Lee - Psychedelic Cosmic Cowboy Bobby Lee is a pretty well known choogler!  

Also be sure to check out Acid Klaus, Eccentronic Research Council, Haushoro, Rosey PM, and Kalter


Sheffield has many independent recording spots and studios dotted around the city, inc. Tye Die Tapes, Yellow Arch, Delicious Clam, Tesla and Bowling Green Mastering. We were lucky enough to record our album across two studios. Firstly with expert David Glover of Tesla studios and Bowling Green Mastering with synth wizard Dean Honor, he also produced our record. 


SODIT - Survivors of Depression In Transition. SODIT is a charity providing support to women suffering with mental distress and depression. Rainbow Heron - monthly Sunday evening café at the Sheffield Mind Wellbeing Centre. A safe space for young people aged 18-30 to promote wellbeing and creative self-expression. SYEDA - support people affected by eating disorders. SAYiT - support and social opportunities for young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or affected by HIV. 


Delicious Clam - our spiritual home, it’s a venue, studio and practise space on Exchange Street, run by a collective of top class humans. Clam’s hosted early gigs from Crack Cloud and tiny sweaty shows with Amyl & The Sniffers as well as tons of punk, indie, experimental and anything goes shows. Hatch - formerly the home of The Audacious Art Experiment. Excellent DIY venue, workshop and practice space.  Juno Books - our local intersectional feminist bookshop. It celebrates women and queer voices. They have amazing books for children too and run a book club. Rosie and Sarah have superb taste. La Biblioteka - an independent bookshop that are so friendly! They have some really interesting books and magazines.  Abbeydale Picture House - a beautiful Grade 2 listed former cinema. It hosts community arts events including live performance and screenings. Cafe #9 - a cafe in Nether Edge which doubles as an intimate music venue, especially for folkier/Americana type stuff.  The Lughole - DIY punk venue puts on loads of punk gigs. It’s just re-opened in Kelham Island and is putting on some awesome gigs again.  The Leadmill - A Sheffield standard for gig goers. Currently under threat of eviction.  Gloam Gallery - independent gallery. Site Gallery - city centre gallery we were lucky enough to play at during an immersive art installation, loads of good stuff on their calendar! 


Gut Level unfortunately recently lost their premises, which included a community garden, gig and dance space. They focus on giving a platform to underrepresented people in the music industry, namely queer/LGBTQ+, women and non-binary people. We hope they have success in finding the right home soon!  Andro and Eve run events celebrating queer culture. 


There are loads of people putting on gigs at the various DIY spaces we go to in Sheffield. Delicious Clam and Lughole put on so many gigs and it’s so nice to see so much happening. Legs Eleven always put on really cool bills, and Heretics Folk Club put on weirder, psychier-acid-folk gigs. They’ve put on some incredible musicians in interesting venues around Sheffield. One of the coolest venues is the Tudor ‘Bishop’s House’. Guaranteed to be a good gig if Rob has been behind it. 


Float Along Festival, Sensoria, No Bounds, Sheffield Music Trails, Get Together, and annual NYE bash Clams In Their Eyes.


Sheffield is host to a series of underground tunnel waterways called Megatron. Mary Queen of Scots was held prisoner here for 14 years. She was held at George Talbot’s Manor Lodge. The city was instrumental in the industrial revolution - Sheffield Steel was used to build Brooklyn Bridge. Lizzie the circus Elephant lived here during WW1. Home of oldest football club in the world, Sheffield FC. The home of synthpop a la Cabaret Voltaire etc.  The People Republic of South Yorkshire, 1970s/80s socialist council who instigated plans for the minimum wages, etc. 


We love Bear Tree in town, who often have in-stores and put on shows. Also Spinning Discs in Meersbrook and Record Collector in Broomhill. 


Richtone is our local go-to for strings, cables, sticks, second-hand & new gear. Super friendly, helpful staff & enough instruments and local shredders to keep you entertained on a quiet afternoon 


We have Sheffield Hallam Uni and The University of Sheffield here, which often put on loads of talks and interesting speakers that are open to the public. Host of festivals Off The Shelf, Festival of The Mind, Festival of Debate, DocFest, and Celluloid Screams. Gut Level affiliates Flaw Collective also do DJ workshops. 

Sister Wives’ debut album Y Gawres is out now on Libertino Records, and the band are always playing live around the UK, check their social media for the latest dates.

Words by Sister Wives

Main photograph by Laura Merri

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