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Five Questions


My name is Ben, I write, record, perform and post on the internet under the name Spielmann 


I write songs and record them in the attic of my house, the neighbours are really into it. I love pop songs and am trying to do a thing that's got big pop hooks in it but is still pretty 'alternative' world. I listen to loads of Springsteen and McCartney, but also loads of Phoenix and The Strokes, but also loads of Steely Dan and Billy Joel, but also loads of proper pop music, so I guess it kind of sounds like all of that running at each other...Make of that what you will. 


Fun...I think, I used to make music cos I wanted to 'make it', now I'm pretty settled on that being a bit of a dumb reason to do it, so just trying to enjoy what I do, making music is a pretty mindful exercise for me so a good way to switch off from everything, and then I get to subject all the people around me to it along with all the pithy quips that come with posting it on the internet. I also have a pretty great live show where I sit down a bit, then stand up a bit, and talk a load of nonsense...unmissable stuff. 


Quite a lot, I just got married, which was lovely...In more music-related stuff, I've got a new song coming out on May 5th called 'The Seventh Time', It's all gone a bit Killers but I'm totally fine with that. Loads of festivals lined up for the Summer too, off to Brighton for the Great Escape in May, playing Greenman, Bluedot, and any festivals with colours in the name really...Plus Dot 2 Dot in Bristol and Nottingham, Are You Listening in Reading, Get Together in Sheffield...all over the place! Working on my car playlist already.  


More like Hot Topics, PLURAL! Let's get into them, AI, that's a big one, no need to write songs anymore when a computer can do it better. Nepo Babys, that's another one. No need to write songs when someone’s famous' child can do it better. TikTok! That's one as well. I think the big hot topic right now is just being genuine and being yourself, which is my mantra and I stick to it by writing songs about made-up stuff under a pseudonym.

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Words by Ben / Spielmann


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