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Isadora Eden

The Kit List


Hi! I'm Isadora Eden, a fuzz folk artist based out of Denver CO. Here are 5 of our favourite items to bring to the studio! 


The band built this in 2020 and love its lofi sound quality. We've also used headphones and a harmonica mic to get a unique sound out of guitars, vocals and drums.


I play a Gretsch jet baritone with a Bigsby bridge. I was first inspired to get a baritone after becoming deeply obsessed with the guitar line on 'This is the Last Time' by the National. This guitar makes an appearance on most of the new LP. I love how rich it sounds, and it's also the only guitar either of us own that has a whammy bar. 


I'll definitely jot down lyric snippets in my phone notes, but when it comes to writing full songs I need pen and paper. These notebooks are a big dopamine hit every time I look at them. We also use these to tab out lead lines, a lifesaver when you're recording something you demoed months ago. 


This has been a pedal board staple for a couple of years, but my favourite feature is the mash expression. It increases/decreases based on how hard you press, and we've had a ton of fun using it live and in recordings, like on the intro to our song Rocks!  


This is our go-to synth. We're big fans of bands like The Cure, Choir Boy and The War On Drugs and their use of this 80s-style sound. This features most prominently on our song 'I Don't Need It Like I Did', the final track on our new album.  

The debut LP, 'Forget What Makes It Glow' came out on July 14. You can order the vinyl and new merch on our site!

Juan Francisco Sanchez 1.jpg
Words by Isadora Eden
Photography by Sierra Voss
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