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Juan Wauters

Away From The Noise


My name is Juan Wauters. I am a musician born in Montevideo, Uruguay and brought up in Queens, NY. I release music under my name and I tour the world doing live concerts. I like travelling, learning and sharing my music with the world.  

I like building jigsaw puzzles in my spare time. I always have one going in my studio. It helps me relax and it also activates my mind in a very particular way. I don’t know exactly why, but my mind is somehow both engaged and wandering, allowing me to dream up lots of new ideas. If I have to guess, I suppose it’s because my mind and hands are occupied with a long, repetitive, somewhat-numbing mechanical process, while simultaneously, the side of the brain can go deep on other thoughts that come into my mind. It’s great to relax, refresh and take breaks from what I am doing by building these puzzles. It’s also nice to do something that tests your patience;  

Large puzzles take a long time to be put together, so one must remain present while building them and not be overwhelmed by the largeness of the process. I feel that good things in life come after you put in the time and effort. It helps me understand that not everything that’s desired comes right away. This exercise is a good representation of life itself and it has been great to have incorporated it into my habits. 

I have just released my sixth studio album called Wandering Rebel and I will be touring the U.S. Europe and Latin America in 2023. Catch me at a show near you!

Juan Francisco Sanchez 1.jpg
Words by Juan Wauters
Photography by Fran Cunha
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