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Piss Kitti

Five Questions


Esme Brown - Vocals  Likes: Dancing, my ADHD medication, and having cereal for my tea. Dislikes: when people describe us as “female-fronted”, you don’t describe bands as  “male-fronted”, do you?!  Clara Cicely- Bass  Likes: A well-crafted cheeseboard, The Replacements, a good jacket. Dislikes: That weird toad that gives birth to its babies from its own back. (Don’t look it up!!!)  Daniel Melia - Drums   Likes: The entire Beatles catalogue of music.   Dislikes: Endless rain.  Harry Jones - Guitar  Likes: Dragon Soop, a 7.5% alcoholic beverage with a high amount of caffeine. Whoopee cushions.  Dislikes: People who aren't amused by whoopee cushions.   


We write songs about love, hate, sexy things and gross things. We seem to have an unintentional habit of singing about hair too. We have a lot of fun with our music and we want everyone else to have fun with us too! Why do you do it? We started the band five years ago. We were bored of the lack of diversity in our local scene at the time and just wanted to play the kind of music we liked. Our first few practices were in Esme’s old flat; the neighbours kept knocking on the door asking us to stop it because they had work in the morning. Guess they didn't like our version of 'Oh  Bondage, Up Yours' by  X-Ray Spex. We’ve had some growth since then. More recently we’re playing much bigger gigs,  playing with our favourite bands, booking tours, selling out hometown headline gigs, and making Tom Robinson say “piss” on Radio 6 Music… twice! It's been a good few years since we started making music together but it feels like the ball is really rolling now,  people are singing our songs back to us and it makes us so happy.  


Big changes! We’ve just signed to Venn Records and Marshall Live Agency and are gradually building up a team around us which is helping a lot, so that’s sexy.   Our sound and style seem to have evolved over the last couple of years. Looking back,  we used to be all about looking weird, screaming and throwing ourselves around. But our tastes have changed…I think we’re more imaginative now and more melodic.  We aren’t afraid to write whatever we want to write. Everything can be a Piss Kitti song, we don’t want to limit ourselves. 


We think it's really important that people are recognising and implementing safety for women and queer people. More venues, staff and bands are speaking out against predatory behaviour from men in the music industry and at gigs which sets an example to others, hopefully contributing to the eradication of non-consensual touching, invasive photos of performers, and generally inappropriate, predatory behaviour On a lighter note, we’ve noticed there has been a lot more opportunities for smaller bands like ourselves to jump on bigger tours. We got the chance to play two support shows with Amyl & The Sniffers in 2022, just by straight up asking the band. It’s great to see friends in other small bands also using this initiative and landing great opportunities. 

The band are touring in October. To keep up to date follow

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Words by Piss Kitti
Photography by Jim Taylor
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