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The Big Moon


The Big Moon have navigated adulthood together and have brought their fans along for the ride. The foursome open up about the evolution of their lyrics, their deepened friendship and how motherhood has changed their outlooks on life. 


- Celia 

The Big Moon are a band that has evolved both spiritually and sonically since they first entered the scene in 2014. Bringing their fans along for the ride, the foursome have navigated the ever-changing light of adulthood together, weathering the storm of life challenges and milestones alongside each other and emerging stronger than ever.

With their infectious melodies, sincere songwriting and unbreakable sisterhood, the four-piece — Jules Jackson, Soph Nathan, Celia Archer and Fern Ford — have continuously soared in spite of the collection of challenges life has thrown at them. Across three albums, The Big Moon lay bare the relatable revelations, feelings and musings that come with maturing as an adult.

Vocalist Jules Jackson uses songwriting like a diary in which she can be the most honest with herself. From the coming-of-age tribulations documented in the debut album Love In The 4th Dimension to the messy journey of motherhood chronicled in the most recent album Here Is Everything, The Big Moon’s discography is a shining tribute to the stumblings and wins in life.

For bassist Celia Archer, playing Jules' songs over the years and getting an extra insight into her life has been the soundtrack to her own adulthood.

She reflects: “Even as someone who has spent an unreasonable amount of time with Jules over the last decade, there are things I only learn about through her lyrics. Whether that's her being deeply honest and vulnerable or creating an imaginary 'if-only' scenario, she also always manages to dredge up hope and joy, even from what can feel like the darkest, most desperate moments.

“I don’t know how she does it. It's been the soundtrack to my own growing up as well for which I'm forever grateful, and it's so amazing to see the same people in the crowds over the years who we've watched grow up with us too.”

While the band have always harboured ambitious dreams, they could not have foreseen the longevity and impact they have achieved nearly a decade later. Starting out under the simple moniker of The Moon and playing to small crowds above sticky pubs, their slight name change is symbolic of the huge, eclipsing success they have achieved.

“We were always ambitious but we would never have predicted to still be doing so well almost a decade later,” contemplates Jules.

For Celia, it’s the hard work and unconditional support in the background that has propelled them forward: “Like any relationship it takes so much work. The things I'm most proud of are the quieter moments that people don't see, where we're making complicated strategic decisions or supporting each other through a tough moment when we're completely exhausted and running on empty. Or dealing with big things in our personal lives whilst also having to be shiny and fun on stage.“The splashy things like getting to play huge shows or festivals and the big career moments feel like rewards for those quieter, hard-fought wins.”

On stage, it’s clear that the band of best mates have an unbreakable bond and stick together through and through. They move about the stage together with telepathic communication while individually delivering their scorching signature hooks. “It's a strange relationship,” muses Jules. “It feels like family. We have been through so many unique and strange experiences that I think we will be forever bonded together. “I can’t wait to be absolutely ancient and still eating chips and beans in rehearsal rooms.”

The band’s recent album, Here Is Everything, encapsulates the unique and strange experiences Jules refers to. During Covid, Jules started off teaching guitar to fans over Zoom to pay the rent and ended it as a mother welcoming her first child. The milestone album is a cathartic reflection on loneliness, motherhood and life and was elemental in bringing the band back together after the pandemic threw them off course.

“[Motherhood] changed everything,” reflects Jules.” [Life changed] in a way I couldn't possibly try and explain now! But life is all the richer and more wonderful for it and it's been the best thing I've ever done.”

For guitarist Soph Nathan, witnessing Jules' journey has been inspiring as both a friend and a bandmate. “It's such a special and unique joy to be able to join someone you love lots in performing songs they’ve written about something so big in their life. I find the way Jules has put her experience into lyrics and how she’s navigated this new world so inspiring. Added bonus we all get to be godmothers to the cutest little moon.”

Jules becoming a mum has also enlightened Celia and helped her to re-envision her own future. “It's so valuable to be able to see someone else's journey and imagine what could be possible.  Becoming a parent is something I've always struggled to visualise for myself and have quite a complicated relationship with, but seeing someone I'm so close with creating a family in a way that makes sense to me has been a really important part of me being able to envision a possible future for myself.


- Jules

“I think that is one of the most amazing things that storytelling can do and we need as many people and varied voices as possible adding their journeys to the pile. There are such narrow options for what building a family could and should look like and it puts immense pressure on people.”

Progressing with this milestone in life under their belts, the camaraderie The Big Moon have is stronger than ever. After a quiet start to 2023, the foursome are back on the gig circuit, playing again in front of crowds who have joined them for the ride. Ahead of festival season, the gang played their biggest-ever headline show to date at the Roundhouse. “We got to play some of the longer and more emotional songs from Here is Everything and to give them their moment,” reflects Celia. “So many of the songs on that album are incredibly meaningful to all of us in different ways, so it felt great to give them the space they deserve and share that with an audience.

Playing to a huge crowd in such an iconic venue is a daunting task for even the most seasoned of bands, but The Big Moon were in their element. “We had the best time. This last album was so personal to Jules and she was incredibly generous with the extent to which she shared her feelings and experiences. We then worked so so hard on creating the space around it to hold and honour those feelings both on the record and in the live show, just making sure they were being communicated as accurately and honestly as possible.

“When you're in a room with thousands of people who have listened to the record and connected with it, then spent money to come to a show on a school night so we can all have that collective cathartic release together - it's just the whole point of what we do. It's amazing.”

The thrill of touring and the festival season holds a special place in their hearts, with it being drummer Fern Ford and Jules’ “favourite time of year”. The band have had the songs of Here Is Everything in their arsenal since 2020, with fans having held on to their tickets since before the pandemic. This Summer is the opportunity for the band to finally let out the catharsis of the album live and they’re not holding back on appreciating each show.

“The Roundhouse was a big moment for us,” says Soph. “After the pandemic, I appreciated getting to play music for a career, specifically this music with these people. It felt like a sigh of relief! It was so nice to play The Roundhouse and have another one of those ‘holy shit aren’t we lucky’ reset moments. And now we get to play lots of festivals up and down the country in the sunshine - I’m feeling very lucky and ready to do it every weekend for the next month.”

The Big Moon finds themselves high on the lineup for this year's Deer Shed festival, an achievement that brings them great excitement. Seeing their name in prominent font signifies their growth and recognition in the music world. The foursome are looking forward to immersing themselves in the festival atmosphere and catching performances from fellow artists, particularly English Teacher, Grove, and Rozi Plain.

The Big Moon's journey as a band has been marked by resilience, growth, and unwavering friendship. From their early days as The Moon to becoming a prominent name in the indie music scene, they have weathered challenges and celebrated milestones together. Their evolving lyrics and magnetic stage presence have resonated deeply with audiences, providing solace, joy, and inspiration. As they continue to explore new musical horizons and navigate the complexities of adulthood, The Big Moon remains a shining example of a band that grows stronger with time, both musically and personally.

The Big Moon announce intimate UK tour with Music Venue Trust - tickets via

05 Sep Tunbridge Wells Forum

06 Sep Moles Bath

08 Sep Hangar 18 Music Venue Swansea

09 Sep The Sugarmill Stoke-on-trent

11 Sep Independent Sunderland

12 Sep MacArts Galashiels

13 Sep PJ Molloys Dunfermline

15 Sep Brewery Arts Kendal

16 Sep The Crescent Community Venue York

17 Sep Bedford Esquires - Music Venue Bedford

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Words by Meg Firth
Photography by Andrew Benge
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