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Away From The Noise


I’m DT (they/her) and I make indie dream pop under ‘tinyumbrellas’. Inspired by indie pop and bedroom artists, I start writing songs as a teen, and learnt to product them on my iPhone using garageband. In summer of 2021, I released my first song, and since then I have released two EPs - ‘Kaleidoscope Towns’ and ‘If the Sky Wasn’t Blue’, both full of songs that were inspired by the memories (both sweet and bitter) of the life lessons i discovered as a teen. 

When I’m not making music, I like to spend my time crocheting. Lots of people confuse crochet and knitting, but they are actually quite different! I learned how to crochet a couple of years ago, and since then have made a wide array of things, from flower bouquets to leg warmers. I really enjoy the creative freedom that comes with crocheting, because even though there are techniques to learn, once you know the basics the world is your oyster!  

Crocheting my own clothes has enabled me to personalise my wardrobe much more, and tailor my wardrobe to exactly my style using specific colours, textures and shapes. I find this great in terms of self expression, and also feel so proud when I curate outfits composed of my own pieces. As well as this, it’s so lovely to gift friends and loved ones handmade creations and see them using them from day to day. 

There is such a wonderful community of people who crochet online so it’s nice to see what other people are up to, and share my own creations too! At my gigs, I always ask anyone coming to bring a fun hat to wear, which usually results in a crowd of amazing funky homemade hats! 

I am approaching the release of my third EP called ‘Somewhere to Fall Asleep’ which will be put out into the world at the end of July!

Juan Francisco Sanchez 1.jpg
Words by tinyumbrellas
Photography by Marieke Macklon
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