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Cody Frost

Away From The Noise

Hey! I’m Cody Frost, I'm a musician from Burnley, I’m an independent artist and I make angry party, rave-punk music…whatever you wanna call it, doesn't really matter cause I like to change a lot. I have always had a mixed taste in music; I grew up on happy hardcore/trance and donk music, whereas on my dad's side, I listened to the likes of the Jam and the Specials. I found a lot of comfort in heavier music throughout my teens and still to this day, bands like Korn, Deftones and Enter Shikari really shaped me, leading to the discovery of my love for dub and reggae at 18. 

Over the past year I’ve settled on my band and given them a name; “Cody Frost and the Sweethearts.'' I chose this name partly because they are just the nicest guys I know, but mainly because of the theme of my next EP; I can't say the name of it yet, but let's just say it's mainly about matters of the heart. CF and The Sweethearts have recently gotten to support Enter Shikari, Skindred and Meet Me @ The Altar. 

I feel like my music is finally being resonated with those that it was intended for the weirdos, the ADHD-riddled, and the people who grew up in a dead-end town with no opportunities. But when I’m not on stage or writing music, I'm doing my day job, which is tattooing. Yeah, it pays the bills, but I always feel like it’s my safe place, somewhere to retreat to when the world of music gets too much. Being a tattoo artist saves me, I think. 

For a lot of people, tattooing is considered a form of therapy, whether it's having a chat with someone who won't judge, connecting via a shared artistic vision, or because the actual application of a tattoo can be a release or even help someone process an event. Talking to other people keeps me sane; hearing other people's stories and laughing with someone feels really wholesome and uplifting. I’m really lucky to do it — it takes a lot of nerve to be responsible for changing a person's body but I think I'm at a place where I actually enjoy it so much. 

I love drawing. I don't watch TV really cause I'm quite content listening to music and drawing. Tattooing is very much a full-time job for me, so I never really stop. If I'm not drawing or tattooing, I'm usually making beats in my room. It took me about 3 years to really find my style with tatting, but currently I'm a dotwork/etchwork artist. I tattoo in Rawtenstall for decent rates as most of my customers are students!! I don't think I'll ever stop tattooing, even if my music career did take off. It's too much fun, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who has a flair for art. 

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Cody Frost

Words by Cody Frost

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