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Elephant Kind

Neighbourhood Watch

Hi, we’re Elephant Kind, a rock three-piece now based in London but originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. Here are some of our favourite hangouts back home… 


One of the most hip venues in Jakarta at the moment is M Bloc Space. It serves as a public space, creative hub, live house, and shop house, suitable for various events such as bazaars, community events, music concerts, and photo shoots. This vibrant space was transformed from an abandoned money-printing factory into one of the hottest lifestyle hubs in South Jakarta. 


There are numerous festivals throughout the year in many cities across Indonesia, encompassing music, dance, culinary, and film. Synchronize Festival, a three-day music festival, stands out as one of the largest in the country since its inception in 2016, recognized for providing a platform for talented artists from all over Indonesia, the festival gained popularity. In 2019, shortly after releasing our second album, The Greatest Ever, we headlined the Synchronize Festival stage, performing a 45-minute set in front of 20,000 audience members – a cherished moment for our band. 


UNKL347 — based in Bandung and established in 1996 — has played a significant role in Indonesia's art/graphic design culture and music scene. Through collaborations with numerous artists and musicians across various mediums such as merchandise and events/shows, they have showcased their broad vision, impacting and influencing the community. They’re a truly vital brand in our scene. 


Zodiac in the South serves as the primary hub for underground music, hosting some of the world's most prominent DJs. Potato Head, situated next to a beach resort in Bali, stands out as a unique spot playing underground dance music at night. It has also hosted some of the biggest DJs globally. 


Jalan Surabaya in Central Jakarta is a unique destination where you can discover authentic antiques, and if you’re fortunate, you might stumble upon some pretty rare gems. This locale is renowned for offering a curated selection of genuine and often hard-to-find artefacts. It’s a haven for antique enthusiasts seeking a distinctive shopping experience. 

Elephant Kind's EP Live In London is out now.

Elephant Kind

Words by Elephant Kind

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