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January 2023

EMI North, Musicians Union, Leeds2023, Reset! 

EMI have recently launched the groundbreaking EMI North subsidiary in Leeds. We’re super excited to be partnering with them to champion the rich seam of musical talent in our region and provide vital opportunities and long-term support within the industry for those based outside of London.

Working with Leeds2023 we’ve launched the year-long Early Career Music Promoters training programme, which takes our Come Platform Me project to a new level. The programme provides a series of workshops, mentorships, placements to 12 promoters in the region. Look out for their events!

We are delighted to be partnering with The Musicians Union for LGBTQ
+ History Month 2023. Empowering and supporting LGBTQ+ musicians and allies is a key part of our work, so we are excited to work closely with the MU team this year!

We are super excited officially join RESET! - a network of 60+ members run by Arty Farty in Lyon, that supports independent cultural and media organisations across Europe through research, events and workshops. The first roundtable 'Parents and Carers in Music' took place in January and there’s more to come!


November 2022

Music Week: Women in Music Awards

We're incredibly excited and privileged to have been given the 'Diversity in the Workplace' award at Music Week’s Women In Music Awards, recognising our work with women, people of marginalised genders and LGBTQ+ communities.

HUGE Thank you to everyone who has ever supported us in whatever way that looks, we are so grateful!

Our mission is to work towards a music industry that is equitable for everyone. We want to continue & build on our support for People of Colour, queer, trans/non-binary people, working class, disabled, neurodiverse people, and everyone else pushed out to the margins.

We're excited to collaborate with more people into 2023 and beyond to do that!

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