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From The Team


Hello, hi, hope you’re well! 

It’s been a wild, crazy ride over in Come Platform Me land the last couple of months. If you don’t know, Come Platform Me is the programme we set up to uplift and support people from marginalised backgrounds and help them get a practical first step into the music industry. I’ve been project managing the programme for nearly three years now and I’m so proud of the way we’ve been able to expand and adjust over this time! My teammates Sadie, Akira and James have been an absolute dream to work with — having people around you who care and are as passionate as you about the work you're doing is completely invaluable. 

This year we have composed a whole new strand to the programme. Alongside our existing Promoter strand, we’ve also run two ‘Introduction To Sound’ programmes as well: one for aspiring live sound engineers and one for aspiring studio sound engineers. We’ve partnered up with Hyde Park Book Club and Eiger Studios to deliver these; Dom and Abi have led the group in learning how to record a whole song in the studio at Eiger, from drums, bass and guitars, to vocals and synths. Seeing the participants so engaged and asking loads of questions and loving every minute of it is exactly why we do this. 

On the promoter side of Come Platform Me, we’ve had some super exciting events in Spring. This round, we teamed some of our project alumni up with some fresh promoter faces to help support each other on their new endeavours. Check out our Instagram for updates on these wonderful promoters and events — they’re gonna save the live music industry, just you wait. 

Unfortunately, our current funding for Come Platform Me runs out at the end of May, and as anybody who works in the arts will know, it’s a scary time financially. This programme has helped over 40 aspiring promoters and engineers over the last three years and we have every finger and toe crossed that we’ll be able to carry on this legacy. 

The music industry is a big scary place and we hope that we can continue making it more accessible and friendly up here in the North. If you're keen to get involved and help support the programme, or indeed anything else that CPWM do, then get in touch! 

Loads of love to you for reading this! 

Lily x

Words by Lily Sturt-Bolshaw
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