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Ida Kudo

Get To Know

Who are you, and what do you do? 

I am a Danish-Japanese artist and woman. I create, write, perform, and explore my musicality and my artistry. Formerly I was the producer of all my music as well, but with my most recent work, it's become a close collaboration with British producer Andrew Hunt, where everything is written and created together, but he has helped to push my songwriting and sound a lot. 

What drives your creativity? 

I feel it comes from a deep yearning to be able to express what lies on a deeper level inside of me. To me, being human is an extremely complex experience and I feel the modern world, with its norms and ways, is not really allowing me to understand who I really am. As an artist integrity, originality and power of message is very important to me. I constantly work on expanding my creative work, methods, sounds, style and writing and it's become really important to me that my messages are clear, direct and relevant. It's all from a heart that's been deeply touched by music since the age of four, when I started out with classical violin, to me at sixteen obsessing over Bob Marley’s liberating lyrics and Björk's unique and nature-bound pop music. For me, having that creative output is the thing that makes me feel more coherent with the world. 

What is happening in your world right now? What are you most excited about? 

I'm really excited about playing the new music live. I'm putting together a band that's gonna kill it, and I can't wait to fully enjoy the songs finding a new life in interaction with the audience and musicians. I'm very excited about releasing singles too; the next single, ‘Proud’, is a real love of mine and a great statement. I can't wait for them to hit the radio and meet some new ears out in the world. 

What issue in the music industry bothers you? What do you think deserves more discussion? 

That's a simple question to answer: the money goes into the wrong pockets. The ones who are really delivering the work and art are often the ones getting the least benefit from their work. It is heartbreaking to know that quality and money are often not aligned in the business and that so many great artists are being exploited, stressed, and unfairly treated simply because the bulk of the money goes to a 'lucky' 1%. It's very unfair. 

If somebody has never heard your music before, why should they start? 

You can have faith in the knowledge that they are great songs, the messages are true and you can rely on them. The choruses are catchy, but the verses can be a bit intricate, so see if you can find the patience to listen a couple of times. Know that it is art: you may get some of it, and you may not get it all at first listen. But know that the artist behind it did the songs for you and to meet you! 

What personality trait do you think people would be surprised to know about you? 

I take great pleasure in tiny destructions, like dropping an egg on the floor. Or peeing in the middle of a hiking trail in the forest. Or letting a scoop of ice cream fall to the ground. Teaching my nephew small swear words in secret and saying 'aaah' loudly after I farted... 

Ida Kudo’s EP Proud is out on now.

Words by Ida Kudos
Photography by Sarah Sanctuary
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