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We are always looking for more oportunities to partner with organisations that align with our values! If you'd like to get in touch to join our long list of partners/friends please do get in touch! 


Partnerships we cherish at Come Play With Me include: 

Reset! The European network of independent cultural and media organisations. The network is designed and built to document the situation of independent culture and media across Europe and beyond, empower its members as well as to advocate for a repositioning of independence as a core value in the cultural sector.

Leeds City Council - the local authority of the City of Leeds in West Yorkshire, England. It is a metropolitan district council, one of five in West Yorkshire and one of 36 in the metropolitan counties of England, and provides the majority of local government services in Leeds. LCC are co-funding our Come Platform Me series this time around. 

The Musicians' Union - an organisation which represents over 30,000 musicians working in all sectors of the British music business. The MU are constant supporters of all we do at Come Play With Me. 

Breed Media - specialising in vinyl pressing, CD replication, DVD manufacture and innovative vinyl packaging solutions. Express yourself, empower your band or elevate your label with their cutting edge music and media products.

Key Production - Turning good ideas into great products since 1990. Creative. Outstanding. Award-winning. They live and breathe packaging.

EMI North - Their vision is to improve the music industry infrastructure in the North of the UK. Making the dream of earning a living through music a reality - no matter where you are.

Featured Artist Coalition - a nonprofit organisation set up to protect the rights of featured musical artists, particularly in the new digital age.
Music Venue Trust
Universal Music Publishing Group

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